But I want you to be without care. 1 COR 7:32

If you read the 7th Chapter of 1 Corinthians, you may come out with the idea that the author doesn’t fancy marriage very much. He seems to indulge it but would rather prefer if the recipients of his letter didn’t actually engage in it, but that’s not true. The passion of the author is not anti-marriage, it’s pro-ministry. The passage reveals a principle, which any person that will be fully used of God must possess, and that is lightness. The ability to live a seemingly weightless, unfettered, and unhinged life! A life so free that it can be picked up at a moment’s notice and be carried as it was by the wind to any new adventure in Him.Read More »

The Glory, The Greater Glory (part one)

In the course of human existence over the ages, God has revealed Himself and His power in many glorious ways and means. Without a doubt, the human in connection with God is more powerful than any force of nature, than any horde of wild beasts or any army of nations. Through one man the sea was torn in two, through one man the sun stood still, through a man fire fell from heaven, through a man an axe head floated, through one man the mouth of lions were shut, through others the flames of fire lost its power to burn, yet others were able to prophesy events which were to come, drive back foreign armies and gained unprecedented victories.

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Overlooking Offences

The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression. A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offence 

Prov 19: 11

The problem is that offences must surely come, it will come from those you know nothing of and who know nothing of you, it will come from colleagues in the workplace who know you only formally, it will come from family members who know you intimately, it will come from those who never meant it, it will come from those who planned every detail of it, as long as you relate with humankind, offences will surely come.Read More »

The Generational Blessing

It is not uncommon, especially in Africa for people to gripe about generational curses, about the covenants entered by their great, great, grandparents with evil spirits, about how their forefathers dedicated their entire family lineage to an idol or goddess in some forest or shrine. And how the consequences of these ancient pacts by their ancestors are affecting the lives of their families today, in the 21st century.Read More »


Thriving in spiritually desolate & desert places

There is the story of the only survivor of a terrible ship-wreck who winds up marooned on an uninhabited island, he’s a million miles away from home, lost and alone in this dangerous parch of land in the middle of nowhere. All friends and everything familiar only as close to him as his memory and imagination can draw near, dangerous beasts trying to make lunch out of him every now and then, bones littered showing he won’t the first to be made a meal. He’s in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go…the, available options are clear: he will find a way to survive in this place or he will lose his life in this place.

While the story seems like a chapter lifted from a fictional novel, it however, is more true for many of God’s precious saints as we walk through the journey called life. We may in a special season of our lives find ourselves in a place where we seem to be in a spiritually desolate habitation, a place where the welfare of our soul is given little or no nourishment by the things around us, an environment that  encourages anything but our Christian walk. Sometimes it out-rightly attacks our faith, other times it gives no room for any growth or life in our souls, an atmosphere that threatens to elusively choke our very faith, a death that comes subtly, like the frog who jumps out when thrown in hot water, but stays till it’s death if put in normal water which gets hotter by such little degrees the frog never notices.Read More »

Beyond the Surface

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork

Psalms 19:1

It was cool breezy night in my Senior Secondary Three (final year in high school), I was a boarding student and I was hanging outside my hostel with two of my friends, we sat there gisting about random stuff I can’t remember. At some point however we looked at the sky and there was the moon shinning in all it’s splendor, with stars sprinkled all around like toppings on an icy treat, it caught our attention so much we just stared in awe at the sky, mumbling how beautiful it was. And then I added “imagine the God who made all this”, at this statement a new wave of awe filled us all as we saw beyond the beauty of the moon to the God who made the moon, as though it was a joint reflex and without any of us planning so, we all raised our hands towards the sky in a fist bump manner with the common denominator of “Baba God, you too much!”, laughing in excitement as we noted our synchronization of thoughts and actions.Read More »


A True tale of your family lineage (Part 1)

Many talks have been talked about the power of ancestry, especially here in Africa, where for most of us the inheritance left by our forefathers is a serious source of concern. It is true that for some of us our ancestors made wicked agreements with even more wicked spirits, agreements that implicated their children and grand children yet unborn, to deny these facts in our world today is to feign ignorance or be honestly misguided. These things are real and are having practically real consequences in the lives of millions today.


I was reading a part from scriptures earlier today in Ephesians the second chapter and nineteenth and twentieth verses and it made an auspicious statement, it said

consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow-citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”

What a radical statement! Do you realize what this means? In simple terms it means a drastic change has occurred, a very change of even our ancestry! In the previous verses it explains how Christ Himself is our peace and has made both Jew (the initial, special, chosen people of God) and Gentile (a term for all non Jews) to be one in Christ and have access to God as our father.

The idea is this; because you have truly given your heart to Christ, because you are now in Christ, the consequence is that your ancestry according to biology is set aside and your ancestry according to faith is now set in place, an ancestry that dates from father Abraham through the prophets, the apostles of Christ and Christ Jesus Himself as the Chief cornerstone; these are NOW your ancestors! These are NOW your forefathers! This is NOW your lineage! From these you can trace your genealogy and from these you can expect traits and characteristics, blessings and inheritance to trickle down and be a part of you! No longer must you worry that your great grand father after your flesh sold all his daughters as brides to the village gods, or that your family is bound to a shrine that wont let anyone live beyond age forty, NO! A thousand times NO! Look at your great grand pa Abraham after the order of faith and sing ‘Abraham’s blessings are mine!’, look at the prophets who served the Lord faithfully and declare according to Proverbs Fourteen verse twenty six “he who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge”! Look at Jesus who is the Chief Cornerstone of your foundation and realize it is His mind, His Spirit, His biology and His very life that is passed wholly and only to you! For God declared in John chapter one verse thirteen that we are children of God “children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.’

These are NOW your forefathers!

So don’t be quick to accept the doctors report that you are asthmatic because you have a family medical history of asthma, ask yourself which family history? After the flesh or after the spirit, because if you mind the things of the flesh you will face corruption but if you by the Spirit put to death the thinking of the flesh and receive the life of the Spirit you will live the eternal life, the Zoe life here on earth and forever after!

Remind your soul Jesus had no pocket inhaler, just a pocketful of faith, and In Him you have the same! You see why you’re not any under any family curse again? You see why all the sacrifices your fathers made apply to only him and any other who doesn’t yet believe? You see why the devil has been torturing you all this while because he saw your ignorance of your new ancestry and he kept you believing you were bound and needed something out there to help you not realizing what you’ve got in Christ, in you has already helped you? You see why you don’t have to be poor or wretched or die early or serve the gods or be doing boyfriend/girlfriend to any spirit bobo or spirit sissy bah? You see why you don’t have to be sick bah? You see why the bible says old things have passed away and all things have become new bah? Can you see it, cause that’s all it takes to receive it!

This is the deliverance you have been looking for! No need to Que up in some strange prophets shop, Jesus made it a point of duty to set all His family members free and who the Son set free is free indeed!

And for you who ain’t sure you’re in Christ or who wants to escape the obvious doom of your natural ancestry, it’s not too late to come in, to change ancestry and receive the light, joy, fullness and blessings of the family of God! Do you believe Jesus came to this earth to save you from you sins by dying on the cross for your sins? Do you believe He died and God rose Him from the dead thee days later for your justification? Will you repent (change your mind) and truly confess Him as your own Lord and saviour? If you will, then do so, bow your head and say so from a true heart and He will give you a new heart!

Welcome to the family! A new home! A new kin! A new Ancestry!