Perfect Me


Perfect Me.
I am so perfect, as a fact I have never and will never see anybody as perfect as me.
When I make a mistake, I’m only human, when others make a mistake they are careless.
When I fail a course; the lecturer failed me, when others fail a course they are dull.
When I eat all the food, I’m hungry, when others eat all d food they are greedy.
When I come to church late, I was busy, when others come to church late, they don’t fear God.
When I win, I am obviously the best, when others win they are lucky.
When I shout angrily, they provoked me, when others shout angrily, they have no self control.
When I fall asleep, I was tired, when others fall asleep, they are lazy.
When I drink garri, I’m being content, when others drink garri they are broke.
When I play games, I’m relaxing, when others play games they are wasting their time.
Can’t u see how perfect I am & flaw full everyone else, that’s why I have a right to criticize everyone ( and maybe even God)
Perfect me … Or …is that just, selfish, insensitive & judgmental me?


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