The way of the wind


It’s direction unknown, it’s source untraceable, it’s purpose undetectable,

It’s path traceless, it’s way trackless, it’s road trapless,

It’s strength limitless, it’s power boundless, it’s might faultless,

smooth as silk, blinding as light, flowing like oil.

All around but none can hold it, felt everywhere but none can point it,

When calm all is calm, when fiery all must move,

with no sense of arrangement, the rootless attest this.

In its fury a terror to all, save the eagle.

Giving the waves no sleep and the alight full thought,

Yet we dare not live without it, we dare not breathe without it.

Missing in space, the astronaut’s regret,

It’s way a mystery, it’s thought hidden, it’s effect un-ignorable,

like he born of the Spirit, like she conscious of Life,

Tis my way, tis my only way.