A different set of Rules.

So we see from scriptures that he is new, his location is new, his life is new, his blood is new and the pattern and path set for his life is new and very different from where he is coming from and what he’s been saved from. He is of God and no more of the world, his hometown is now above, his parentage is now God, his path is set and truly it is the only path he can walk successfully.

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Suffer not the Witch?

Exo 22:18; Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

This scripture many a times seems to be the pillar on which many Christians carry on a prayer campaign against witches and wizards (a phenomenon especially popular in African churches), I thought to share some insight on the text and the topic as a whole.Read More »


A tract by Pastor Bankie

The issue of predestination meets different reactions with different people. Some believe so strongly that the events of their lives are completely predetermined so that nothing, absolutely nothing, they do can alter it. Others will have none of that, believing that your life is a product of the effort you put into it. The question is “what is the truth?” I offer to you today what God has expressed in the Holy Scriptures as the truth.Read More »