Worship must be beyond distractions.

Distractions I have found are the greatest battles to be fought.

They are battles without and battles within.

Battles within are the toughest and most important battles, you can find a quiet place but you must birth a quiet soul.

Battle against distractions, I worshipped and I told God I’m not gonna be distracted by the sweet voice of the worship leaders, I’m not going to be distracted by the emotions I feel or don’t feel, I’m not going to be distracted by the tears streaming down my face, or the sweat on my brows, I’m not gonna be distracted by the memories of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow. Nothing, no matter how good or terrible will take my focus, I will fight, till all my thoughts settle and my entire mind is fixed on God.



How God answers Prayer

“Our God is a prayer answering God!”

This is an assertion of truth that has resounded true for many generations of Christians past and present, history is full and overflowing of God’s answers to the prayers of His children, God answers in many, many ways. I choose to narrow down how God answers to this particular manner, it is many times overlooked but one of the most powerful means He uses. Let me share one part of the epic story of a brother;Read More »

The Norm and Para Norm of Faith

I’m not spiritual! I’m not spiritual because while others see open eye visions and hear God talk to them in an audible voice, while others roll on the floor when hands are laid on them and tell of how God supernaturally encountered them in a burning bush experience, I have seen no open eyed visions, never heard any audible voice, never fallen under the anointing and the closest I’ve come to a burning bush experience is lighting my stove/cooker!

If you believe you as a Christian are not spiritual or are lacking some spiritual experiences because you have similar experiences as the one stated above, your challenge may be, more one of knowledge than a spiritual one.

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The Absence of God!

   And be sure of this: I am with you always…Jesus

“You are welcome to the Presence of God…” This has become a standard term in most church gatherings, but this mental idea of ‘entering into His presence’ though with good motives does more harm than good, in particular it desensitizes believers to the fact that the ‘presence of God’ is not only found in church gatherings.Read More »