Baptized in the Spirit with tongues following -a simple how to

                                     …the simplicity that is in Christ. (2 Cor 11:3)

This article is for Christians who seek a better understanding of the baptism in the Spirit, for those who would want to lead others to this experience and for those who themselves desire this experience.

I would like you to know that there is no complexity in this matter, it’s not difficult, hard, scary or even as laborious as our society, religious orientation, fellow Christians and even some preachers might make it seem. This seed of truth is quite straight forward and direct, but for the various assumptions, mindsets, imaginations and orientations one might have we’ll delve a little deeper, dispelling myths and darkness by exposure to light.

The Holy Spirit: Jesus in you and with you

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. John 14:18

Jesus said He would pray the father and He shall give you ‘another comforter’ who would abide with you forever(John 14:16), and Jesus said He would always be with us (Matt 28:20). Now let’s join one and two together, first of all if we would get another comforter, who was the first comforter? Jesus! Yes, He was the comforter, He was the comforter, counselor, helper and everything to the disciples, and He said another comforter (Greek: Paraclete; another of the same kind) would come, who would be able to do things Jesus in the flesh could not do; He (this Comforter) would be able to be with every believer at the same time even in different places, He would comfort, counsel, lead, teach, guide just like Jesus did to the disciples but this time to all believers personally.

In other words; as Jesus was to the disciples, so the Spirit is to the believer and even more.

If you have only one seed but desire many seeds, what you do is plant that one seed and it will multiply itself, so also God had only one begotten son; Jesus, but He desired many, so He planted Jesus (in death) and Jesus multiplied Himself (in all Christians by the resurrection). The term ‘Holy Spirit’ is a description; a Spirit that is Holy, so who is the Holy Spirit; Jesus! Jesus as a spirit without a physical body indwelling every believer, always with us wherever we go. Who is the Holy Spirit; God! Who is Jesus; God!, who is the Father; God! God is One (Gal 3:20, Eph 4:6). God manifested Himself as the Father (Source) in the creation of the world and all that is, He also manifested Himself as Jesus in the salvation of mankind on the Cross and He also manifests Himself as the Spirit who is always with us. He still manifests Himself as source, saviour and comforter depending on the situation, this is why Hebrews 1 points out that God in times past spoke through prophets, but now through the son (who is the Spirit).

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…the Word was made flesh(John 1)

Don’t let all this confuse you, read and re-read, meditate and re-meditate (that’s why the Trinity is not taught in Children church…lols), the point is this; the Holy Spirit is a person (Jesus) and He can feel, think, love, commune, be emotional and every other characteristic of person hood, that’s why the scripture says ‘don’t grieve (feel intense sorrow) the Holy Spirit’. So you fellowship with Him, recognize and acknowledge His presence, love Him and listen to Him, and always remember He is already in you and with you and will never leave you or forsake you (even if you err or even sin).

The Holy Spirit: You already have Him in You

…in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise(Eph 1:13)

If you have given your life to Christ you already have the Spirit living in you (John 14:17), you are His temple (1 Cor 3:16), it was by Him you got saved in the first place (Eph 1:13). And this is why a believer who has never spoken in tongues is a complete child of God, who can hear God, discern His will and is on His way to eternity with God. Yep, speaking in tongues is not the qualification for heaven, it’s not even a sign of being matured in the faith.

If this is the case what is all this talk about ‘baptism in the Spirit’ or ‘receiving the Holy Spirit’ or ‘being filled with the Spirit’ and ‘Speaking in tongues’? Good question. Even though every christian is already indwelled by the Spirit, there is a post salvation experience Jesus spoke of, which we call the baptism of the Spirit. Yes the Spirit is within you but Jesus spoke of a new dimension of life called the Spirit upon you (Acts 1:8), an experience which is (almost) always marked by the physical manifestations of speaking in tongues/prophecy. The purpose being markedly for greater service and fellowship.

A christian without this experience can be likened as a soldier with a pistol, couple of grenades and a pen knife, with that he can do some serious damage to the enemy but only so far, the christian with this experience can be likened as a soldier with a packs of hand grenades, rocket launchers, sub machine guns, tankers and over head fighter jets! Yes, they both have weapons but one will be far more effective, one will accomplish more in one day, than the other can in one year.

The Holy Spirit: the Gift of God and promise of the father

[Acts 10:45, Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4, Acts 2:33, 38]

In times past (during the law and the prophets) the Holy Spirit has always been functioning, He however functioned on particular people (Kings, prophets, judges, priests, etc) for particular purposes (rulership, judgement, prophecy, ministry & service). He came and He would leave, the average Israelite never experienced a personal knowledge of the Spirit, that’s why David prayed after sinning ‘take not your Spirit from me’(psalm 51:11), but God made a promise; that a time would come the Spirit would be for EVERYONE (Joel 2:28,29), poured out upon all flesh. So when He was poured out (Acts 2:1-4), He became available for EVERYONE who would believe, all a Christian who desires the Spirit upon need do to have the baptism of the Spirit is to ask! that’s all, really.

This is why the Holy Spirit is often called the Gift of God and the promise of the Father in many scriptures. He is indeed a Gift and a promise fulfilled.

Receiving the baptism of the Spirit upon you

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

There is no ‘special’ time to receive the baptism, there is no special feelings you must feel, there is no special atmosphere or place you must be to receive, there is no special level of holiness or righteousness you must attain before you are qualified, are you a Christian? Yes! Then you have already been qualified.

The Holy Spirit is a person, tongues is a gift. You are filled with the Holy Spirit and He (the Spirit) gives you the enablement or utterance to speak in a tongue you have not learned or known. This is why a Christian who has been baptized in the Spirit can speak in tongues at will, anywhere, anytime and if he/she so chooses wont speak in tongues for months or years (a very bad idea though). We fellowship with the Spirit and use tongues as an instrument of prayer and fellowship.

A few points on tongues:

1. There are two kinds of tongues, Other tongues (referring to other languages of earth) and Unknown tongues (referring to languages beyond the earth). In Acts 2, we see that those around, heard the disciples speaking in tongues and realized they were speaking different languages of earth glorifying God (other tongues). In 1 Cor 14:2 bro Paul points out ‘For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries’. Here a tongue which no man understands is being spoken. We don’t choose which of these tongues we speak (many times I believe we switch from one to the other without even knowing), it is the Spirit that gives utterance.

2. False tongues is NOT the unpardonable sin, many people are quite scared of the ‘unpardonable’ sin and since it is a sin of blasphemy against the Spirit (Mark 3:29), many have interpreted this wrongly and many more are scared to ‘say nonsense’ from their own minds and so offend the Spirit or blaspheme against the Spirit and so this fear has crippled their faith to receive and walk in the Spirit. Well let me point out that this is unnecessary (this article does not have enough space to cover that topic), but suffice it to say that the unpardonable sin is the same sin spoken of in Heb 6:4-6 and Heb 10:26. i.e. The willful abandonment of Faith and denial of the Lord Jesus by a Christian who is matured enough to have experienced the fullness of the life of faith, the sin of Apostasy.

3. Tongues spoken by one person does not (and most times will not) sound like that of another person, I normally say ‘tongues is a fire which burns on the wood of the Word’, that is to say I have noticed those who spend more time in study of scriptures and receive more light from scriptures, have a richer vocabulary of tongues than those who don’t. In the physical the more words a child learns the more words he/she can speak, hence the vocabulary of a high school kid will be richer than that of a kindergarten child, but they are all real valid vocabulary. Likewise even if a person only speaks in one syllable in tongues, it is still tongues and is powerfully working in the spirit, so dont compare yours or others with others, that’s unwise. (P.S. a healthy christian who is growing continually in the spirit will have tongues which keep on changing as they grow)

So how do I receive;

Realize the Spirit is already given and He has always been around ever since that day of Pentecost, hence no need for ‘tarrying’ or the like, remember the scripture;

If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? {offer: Gr. give}

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? (Luke 11:9-13)

So you see, God desires to give you the Spirit upon even more than you desire to have Him, you all but need to ask, and when you do I believe right there and then the Spirit of God comes upon you and He will give you utterance (those strange words in your spirit, coming to your mind, that may sound even like gibberish), you then should begin to speak out those words He has spoken in. Let me re-emphasize this because many people miss it here.

Scriptures says;…they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

Please note: They were filled with the Spirit and they (themselves) began to speak with tongues! You are the one who is to begin to speak out those tongues, many people have heard fantastic testimonies of others extraordinary experience and falsely think that is how it should be, it’s not. Others are waiting for the Spirit to ‘move’ them and begin to speak through them beyond their control -He very rarely does that- and others are paralyzed with fear that they will say rubbish or that one evil spirit will enter them. Listen; no evil spirit can possess your spirit o and that’s where you speak from (John 7:38,39), from your spirit through your soul (mind) and out your body (mouth), dispel that thought, God seals and protects you.

The life of Faith is a life of faith, you believed and became a Christian not because you saw physical blood from heaven falling on you and washing away your sins but because you believed on who Jesus is and what He did on the cross. So also you begin to speak out in faith the words in your spirit and keep on, regardless of how you feel. We walk by faith not by feelings, even though the feeling may come later on (or for some people earlier on).

You can also receive by having someone laying his/her hands on you (Acts 19:1-7) or in your privacy alone, or even sometimes without even expecting it. Christians have varying experiences and it doesn’t mean one is more spiritual than another, it’s just according to each person’s peculiarity.

So how do you receive?

-Believe -Desire -Ask -Receive -Begin speaking

Simple as ABC.. and truly the baptism in the Spirit is not the peak of the christian experience, it’s only a beginning to richer and more incredible possibilities in Christ. So don’t stop, make it a practice to pray daily in tongues and continually keep growing in the Word, Fellowship and prayer.


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