He Brings her

And Jehovah God buildeth up the rib which He hath taken out of the man into a woman, and bringeth her in unto the man;
Gen 2:22

I get convinced more and more that it is God who brings the woman to the man
He has placed. In speaking of how marriage should be, Jesus referenced Adam and Eve
in the beginning (Matt 19:8), so we can learn certain patterns from them. God brought Eve to Adam in Eden, the servant of Abraham (whom God was going to use to bring Rebekah to Isaac in Canaan) questioned ‘what if she is unwilling to go, would it be
possible for Isaac to leave Canaan (a picture of God’s placing for him for the fulfillment
of God’s purpose through him) to come and by himself bring her?’ (Gen 24:5,6), the
answer was a sharp No!, if the issue as important as a life partner was not reason
enough to permit Isaac to leave his purpose in life, then it teaches nothing and no one
must move us from God’s revealed purpose for us.

So we understand, it is God who brings her to the man busy about his purpose
for Him, it is then the job of the man to “find her” (i.e. to acknowledge her as so), as
Adam acknowledged Eve as “bone of my bones”, this I believe is what is meant in Prov
18:22 -whoso findedth a wife – an acknowledgment of God’s gift one woman in the
crowd of them, just the same way we don’t find God just because we searched for Him
but because He revealed Himself to us, so we don’t go up and down physically looking
to find a wife, but we stay and are located in His presence and pursue His purpose for
us and He brings her (i.e. reveals her) and we must be understanding enough to
acknowledge her as so and by doing so we would have found her and obtained favor
from the Lord.

This simple truth is to help us remain focused on our call in becoming more like
Christ and fulfilling His purposes for us, just the same way it is wrong to leave your
purpose to pursue money, fame or name, it is also wrong to leave your purpose even to
pursue the noble state of marriage, the promise is to seek first the Kingdom and all
other things will be added unto you. This truth though more directly applied to the
male is also very true for the female; he (your spouse) will find you where He (your
Lord) has placed you.


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