About Me

Udousoro William .J. by name, with no official title or theological training, but an in depth student of the Word of God, and a rather voracious reader of books, he is the visioneer behind KTOS and Winded WayZ. He is a part time missionary, part time preacher, part time teacher and a full time christian.

A Computer geek by training, and one who claims no earthly origin using John 3:8 and 31 as his alibi. His stated state of origin is: Above, and keeps threatening to go back to his place, a claim his Nigerian parents would find hard to swallow.

He depends on the Spirit of God within each believer to testify to the truths he shares, believing there is always deeper truth in every truth and that continuity in growth is the key to maturity.

He is highly hugable and very friendly, with humans falling as his favorite creatures on earth, cats following closely.

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you can send him a personal mail @ williamudousoro@gmail.com or catch up with him on twitter @williamudousoro