Letting go the promises

.others let themselves be cruelly attacked, having no desire to go free, so that they might have a better life to come.(Heb 11:35)

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. (2 Pet 1:4)

God has graciously given us all things to freely and richly enjoy, He’s promised us blessings in every area of life, there’s no field his Word does not apply, no region it does not affect. It is His will that we believe, appropriate and enjoy these good promises He has given us. It is our rightful inheritance in faith, being blessed with Father Abraham.

Sickness need no longer plague us because the promise of healing is given in the Word.

Poverty need no longer plague us because the promise of abundance is given in the Word.

Death need no longer cut us short again because the promise of long life is given in the Word.Read More »


Making New Memories

Sometimes we have seasons in our lives that feel like gold, we don’t always realize it but we soon do after those seasons, and the memories and experiences become a treasure to us, it could be our days in school, our previous place of residence, our childhood friends, when we joined the football team, the crazy friends around us or the attention of our romantic interest.
Those days put the fun in funny and we love reminiscing over them, with pictures and albums to flip over and temporarily zap back to them good ole days.

But life is actually for living today, not reliving yesterday, no matter how great it was. Don’t get lost in your past stories, your Alma matter or secondary school crush. Get up and go out and make new memories. Learn the art of letting go, pursue the next big thing, stay excited, let the time of your life be every time of your life!

Join a club, volunteer in an NGO, make new friends, connect back with old friends, adopt a kid, start a business, ask her out, eat an entire chicken, do something, do something good and make new memories. Don’t join those guys who can only tell you what happened 20 years ago, tell us what happened last week, tell us what happened today! You’re not old enough to be only telling us stories, tell us visions. Show us the wounds of attempt gotten today, not just the scars of years back.

Life is too exciting to live in yesterday, everyday offers an opportunity of new incredible memories, if you miss you buddies of old too much, organize a reunion and make new memories. Because sometimes old memories and achievements are like the chaff that accumulates from your flame; if not cleared, it can actually snuff the present flame.
It sounds simple and it really is, you might be saying if you know how awesome it was, I’m saying if you know how awesome it’s going to be! Because this path shines brighter and brighter like the rising sun.


Quieting Your Soul

I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child (resting) with his mother

psalm 131:2

I remember a funny experience I had as a child, my parents had just finished whipping me for some misdeed I had probably fiendishly committed, I was pouring out tears from both eyes as I pampered my aching bottom. I entered the bathroom to freshen up and on looking at the mirror I saw my sweaty face and reddened tear emitting eyes, I was looking horrible and feeling so too. A strange thought came to my mind “how would you look if you smiled with the way you look and feel?”. I indulged the thought and smiled at myself facing the mirror, it felt weird to be smiling but it also felt empowering, that it was in my power to keep smiling and I kept smiling.Read More »

Point of Faith

                                                        If I may touch but his clothes…Mark 5:28

Faith is the irrevocable prerequisite for pleasing God, it is the handle by which we operate spiritual realities and make them physically tangible, it goes far beyond our physical sense and many times is in conflict with those senses, it is the primal means by which we receive from God and even by which we give to God, it’s so serious that scripture declares “…whatever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14:23)”. But alas it’s not the easiest thing to walk in, in this physical world of the senses, that’s where the “points of faith” (AKA Point of Contact) comes in.

If you’ve been around Pentecostal circles for any length of time you probably have a heard a preacher say something like “lift up the item (whether money or a handkerchief or something else) as a point of faith (or point of contact)” what does that even mean? A point of faith is really a band aid to faith, a kind of support to help raise and maintain faith, this support is normally a physical entity or feeling which kindles and keeps burning the spiritual entity that is faith. Interestingly though, it didn’t start with modern Pentecostals, it’s origins are stemmed from the Holy writ, just that it was never quite given the label we now call it. Read More »

The Sexual Vision

                  (A word of advice to Christian parents & teen teachers on sexual matters)

…Write the vision, and make it plain …that he may run that readeth it (Hab 2:2)

…for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame (Heb 12:2)

It’s not enough to do the job; the job must be done well. Working with teenagers can be one of the most challenging jobs on earth. It can also be one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling engagements of life. Out of the many things that plague teenagers of this century, sex is one of the most burdensome. This wasn’t the case before. In the past, the average age at which young persons married was much lower than the average they marry now.Read More »

Going Far

It was quite a sunny day and the heat made sure we knew it was around, we stood under the shade by the river side waiting for our boat to come pick us. I lazily sat gazing at the wide sea when I saw a very interesting site; a small boat, half the size of the normal speed boats that took us was moving at the other extreme of the river pulling what can be described as a mobile gas station, it was one of those heavy fuel dispensers which looks just like the one we buy fuel for our cars from, only it was a single machine mounted on this wide floating metal platform, with probably tanks of fuel stored within, hence it was understandably weighty and it was being pulled by this little boat.Read More »

An Acquired Taste

                            Though art my portion o Lord … Psalms 119 : 57

An interesting account came up about sharks on National Geographic, in a certain area
the number of shark attacks in a single year multiplied drastically to a point of the area
being labeled unsafe, investigations were carried out on why the sudden rise of shark
attacks, generally speaking shark attacks on humans are more on the rarer side. One of
the theories that came up was that perhaps the sharks had acquired a taste for human,
maybe one or two sharks had gotten a good bite on some juicy humans and decided
that human should be added to their food menu on a permanent basis.Read More »