Quieting Your Soul

I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child (resting) with his mother

psalm 131:2

I remember a funny experience I had as a child, my parents had just finished whipping me for some misdeed I had probably fiendishly committed, I was pouring out tears from both eyes as I pampered my aching bottom. I entered the bathroom to freshen up and on looking at the mirror I saw my sweaty face and reddened tear emitting eyes, I was looking horrible and feeling so too. A strange thought came to my mind “how would you look if you smiled with the way you look and feel?”. I indulged the thought and smiled at myself facing the mirror, it felt weird to be smiling but it also felt empowering, that it was in my power to keep smiling and I kept smiling.Read More »


Handling Fears, Worries & Depression (Part 1)

Be not afraid of sudden Fear.. Prov 3:25

The first manifestation of the fall was shame and fear, and since then it’s been one long journey in fear, both as a species and intimately as individuals, yet fear ought not be, it was never part of the plan for His children yet it has become normal in most lives and I believe this grieves God greatly, that His Children born of love live lives of fear, fear of tomorrow, fear of heights, fear of death, and the mountainous list goes on. You might not be able to get everyone of the fear train just yet, but it’s your responsibility to get yourself off that train, and the first step is realizing it’s not normal for a believer to live there, many times, what you can live with you will live with, but when you refuse to live with it, though it takes you an hour, a day, a year or ten years, you will live without it, and that’s God’s will for us to live without fear for His love has no room for fear. Let us in this first lesson get acquainted with certain perspectives;Read More »


who are you?

This simple question is perhaps one of the most difficult question to answer, simply because they can be so many true answers; I’m a human, I’m tall, I’m a Norwegian, I’m a lover of chocolate, I’m a fan of Arsenal FC, I’m a doctor, I’m a world changer, all these might be true but is that the truth of who you are?Read More »

Overcoming Lust (Male Version)

{Based on an inquiry}

Hello Samson (not real name),

I would tell you truly that the battle is not without but within, we are only tempted outside but what attracts us within (James 1:13-15), you may not be able to change the lady who dresses scantily on the street but you can change your mind on how you perceive her, you may not be able to change what DSTV or Hollywood produces but you can change what you allow enter your eyes.Read More »

The Absence of God!

   And be sure of this: I am with you always…Jesus

“You are welcome to the Presence of God…” This has become a standard term in most church gatherings, but this mental idea of ‘entering into His presence’ though with good motives does more harm than good, in particular it desensitizes believers to the fact that the ‘presence of God’ is not only found in church gatherings.Read More »