The Sexual Vision

                  (A word of advice to Christian parents & teen teachers on sexual matters)

…Write the vision, and make it plain …that he may run that readeth it (Hab 2:2)

…for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame (Heb 12:2)

It’s not enough to do the job; the job must be done well. Working with teenagers can be one of the most challenging jobs on earth. It can also be one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling engagements of life. Out of the many things that plague teenagers of this century, sex is one of the most burdensome. This wasn’t the case before. In the past, the average age at which young persons married was much lower than the average they marry now.Read More »


Redefining Beauty

Let’s begin with a story, this is the story of a God fearing brother who wrote down his experience to his younger sister, he shared with me this write up (and gave me permission to share it), his simple experience will help us see what we mean (certain details have been changed for identity sake & ease of communication);Read More »

The Sexy Culture

The story is told of a primitive hidden away tribe who many generations ago were
afflicted by a certain communicable disease which affected one eye and caused it to be
sealed up, it spread from person to person till everyone in the tribe had this disease
and as that generation gave birth their children also came out with the disease from
birth.Read More »

Overcoming Lust (Male Version)

{Based on an inquiry}

Hello Samson (not real name),

I would tell you truly that the battle is not without but within, we are only tempted outside but what attracts us within (James 1:13-15), you may not be able to change the lady who dresses scantily on the street but you can change your mind on how you perceive her, you may not be able to change what DSTV or Hollywood produces but you can change what you allow enter your eyes.Read More »