Point of Faith

                                                        If I may touch but his clothes…Mark 5:28

Faith is the irrevocable prerequisite for pleasing God, it is the handle by which we operate spiritual realities and make them physically tangible, it goes far beyond our physical sense and many times is in conflict with those senses, it is the primal means by which we receive from God and even by which we give to God, it’s so serious that scripture declares “…whatever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14:23)”. But alas it’s not the easiest thing to walk in, in this physical world of the senses, that’s where the “points of faith” (AKA Point of Contact) comes in.

If you’ve been around Pentecostal circles for any length of time you probably have a heard a preacher say something like “lift up the item (whether money or a handkerchief or something else) as a point of faith (or point of contact)” what does that even mean? A point of faith is really a band aid to faith, a kind of support to help raise and maintain faith, this support is normally a physical entity or feeling which kindles and keeps burning the spiritual entity that is faith. Interestingly though, it didn’t start with modern Pentecostals, it’s origins are stemmed from the Holy writ, just that it was never quite given the label we now call it. Read More »


Baptized in the Spirit with tongues following -a simple how to

                                     …the simplicity that is in Christ. (2 Cor 11:3)

This article is for Christians who seek a better understanding of the baptism in the Spirit, for those who would want to lead others to this experience and for those who themselves desire this experience.

I would like you to know that there is no complexity in this matter, it’s not difficult, hard, scary or even as laborious as our society, religious orientation, fellow Christians and even some preachers might make it seem. This seed of truth is quite straight forward and direct, but for the various assumptions, mindsets, imaginations and orientations one might have we’ll delve a little deeper, dispelling myths and darkness by exposure to light.Read More »

How God answers Prayer

“Our God is a prayer answering God!”

This is an assertion of truth that has resounded true for many generations of Christians past and present, history is full and overflowing of God’s answers to the prayers of His children, God answers in many, many ways. I choose to narrow down how God answers to this particular manner, it is many times overlooked but one of the most powerful means He uses. Let me share one part of the epic story of a brother;Read More »

The Norm and Para Norm of Faith

I’m not spiritual! I’m not spiritual because while others see open eye visions and hear God talk to them in an audible voice, while others roll on the floor when hands are laid on them and tell of how God supernaturally encountered them in a burning bush experience, I have seen no open eyed visions, never heard any audible voice, never fallen under the anointing and the closest I’ve come to a burning bush experience is lighting my stove/cooker!

If you believe you as a Christian are not spiritual or are lacking some spiritual experiences because you have similar experiences as the one stated above, your challenge may be, more one of knowledge than a spiritual one.

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