Letting go the promises

.others let themselves be cruelly attacked, having no desire to go free, so that they might have a better life to come.(Heb 11:35)

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. (2 Pet 1:4)

God has graciously given us all things to freely and richly enjoy, He’s promised us blessings in every area of life, there’s no field his Word does not apply, no region it does not affect. It is His will that we believe, appropriate and enjoy these good promises He has given us. It is our rightful inheritance in faith, being blessed with Father Abraham.

Sickness need no longer plague us because the promise of healing is given in the Word.

Poverty need no longer plague us because the promise of abundance is given in the Word.

Death need no longer cut us short again because the promise of long life is given in the Word.Read More »


Going Far

It was quite a sunny day and the heat made sure we knew it was around, we stood under the shade by the river side waiting for our boat to come pick us. I lazily sat gazing at the wide sea when I saw a very interesting site; a small boat, half the size of the normal speed boats that took us was moving at the other extreme of the river pulling what can be described as a mobile gas station, it was one of those heavy fuel dispensers which looks just like the one we buy fuel for our cars from, only it was a single machine mounted on this wide floating metal platform, with probably tanks of fuel stored within, hence it was understandably weighty and it was being pulled by this little boat.Read More »

An Acquired Taste

                            Though art my portion o Lord … Psalms 119 : 57

An interesting account came up about sharks on National Geographic, in a certain area
the number of shark attacks in a single year multiplied drastically to a point of the area
being labeled unsafe, investigations were carried out on why the sudden rise of shark
attacks, generally speaking shark attacks on humans are more on the rarer side. One of
the theories that came up was that perhaps the sharks had acquired a taste for human,
maybe one or two sharks had gotten a good bite on some juicy humans and decided
that human should be added to their food menu on a permanent basis.Read More »

Spiritual Parenting 101

Judges 13:8-13, Gen 18:19
The privilege to have a child comes with the responsibility of raising the child aright.
Children are good gifts from God, they are not a means to our selfish ends, they are not
an extension of our personalities, they are not investments for our latter years, they are
not symbols of our social status, they are not means to accomplish the dreams or goals
we never could or paths to correct our mistakes of the past, they are in themselves
unique, special and individual souls, gifts from God to us, not necessarily for us and as
such every parent becomes a co-laborer with God in accomplishing His purpose for that
individual child.Read More »

Defining Success

I had an interesting experience a while ago back at home, my sister had brought two of her kids to stay with us for a while, one of those days the younger one aged 3 had been sent to the room to have his siesta (he had other plans), after minutes of tossing and turning, peeping and popping, I entered the room to see him on the bed with a pretentious sleeping pose, so I asked him ‘Brian, are you sleeping?’, without any delay still on his sleep pose he replied ‘Yes!’ Read More »