He Loves me, He Loves me not…

If you’ve ever watched the 2003 blockbuster movie ‘Hulk’ or are knowledgeable about the Marvel Universe character then you’re familiar with the green giant who’s temper fuels his strength, the unmatched brawn who is literally unstoppable, tearing armored tanks in two, bringing buildings down with a punch, catching missiles mid air, bullets bouncing off him and explosions leaving him unscathed, he is incredibly fierce, continually angry with an incalculable amount of brute strength, arguably the strongest creature in his world. There is however a scene in the movie where the Hulk is approached by a lady whom he loves and this fearsome creature mellows like butter under a hot sun, going to him without knife or rifle, Armour or shield. He could probably snap her neck with just his breadth but she goes all the same and he calms down and so transforms back to this skinny looking human, what an army couldn’t do with all it’s artillery, one lady did without breaking a sweat.Read More »


“We are proud to announce the explosion of our fetus!”

Let’s not be quiet about matters that matter. Thanks Beckie for speaking out, her thoughts are worth pondering over.

Pregnancy-joey-thompson-63368-unsplash-compressorDear readers, I’m delving into a controversial issue today—abortion. There are several things that I am passionate about. However, if you’ve been following my writing for long, you know my biggest passion is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing with others how to grow in that relationship. It is because of my relationship with the Creator God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that guides my life, that I am sharing a powerful message written by a very gifted writer friend, Mary Mack.

But first, I want you to share something personal.
I’m not proud of this, but nonetheless, it’s part of my testimony. When I was nineteen, I found myself in the position of considering abortion. I was young, unmarried, and frightened. I was told having an abortion wasn’t any different than taking birth control pills. I anguished for several days. Fortunately, all my fears were…

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The Norm and Para Norm of Ministers Funds

                                         No soldier goes to war at his own expense

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, does not mean we should attempt to do all things, we can do all things yet God gives us specific gifts and places us in specific situations, because we are various parts in the body and the body of Christ can truly be seen as a body; each part affecting every other part and yet each part performing different functions. The Christian (and the Church as a whole) has been noted to have 3 main ministry thrusts;

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The Cost of Christianity


The Christianity that costs you nothing will profit you nothing,

If it cant cost you sleep, it wont profit you rest,

If it cant cost you food , it wont profit you satisfaction,

If it cant cost you risk, it wont profit you safety,

If it cant cost you friends, it wont profit you relationships,

If it cant cost you money, it wont profit you wealth,

If it cant cost you sacrifice, it wont profit you consolation,

If it cant cost you seeds, it wont profit you harvest,

If it cant cost you death, it wont profit you life,

If it cant cost you the world, it wont profit you Christ.

The Christianity that cost you nothing profits you nothing.

True Christianity will cost you all, but will give you even more.